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Robb's 2021 List

Hopefully this helps figure out what to get a guy who's reportedly really tough to shop for. I put the prices on there in case it helps. I provided links if you just want to shop it up online.

Crested Butte Titans Hoody--$40.00. I have a kid on the team, so I so better represent at the games. Blue, size large.

Star Wars Episodes 7-9 DVDs. So that's The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. I'm not enough of a fanboy to need a box set or anything. 4k Ultra HD is fine as long as it will play in regular DVD player. Walmart and Amazon seem to have plenty of options for purchasing these.

Merino Wool Socks--$21. Size 13, light cushion. Yes, I have become spoiled and really like wool socks. I wear these every day so like them thinner so that my feet don't overheat at work. Darker colors are probably better and I don't have a preference about the design. Darn Tough are good, but I'm not picky. If you see a merino wool ankle-running sock, I really like those, as well.

Duluth Trading Fleece Lined Jeans--$55 if you can get them at 30% off during their Black Friday sale. I have a pair of these, LOVE them and would like another pair. They are so snuggly comfy that I've been wearing the pair I for (don't tell my wife) two weeks straight now . . . love 'em. Need another pair.

Mechanics Tool Set--$96.92. I would like a tool set in a tool case that I put in a vehicle and not have the individual pieces of it rattling around.

Kuhl Skar Sweater--$109. I have one on my back, I might as well wear one, too, right? Seriously, I'm a big merino fan and this sweater looks nice. Black, size large.

Kuiu Ultra Merino 145 Zip-T Hoodie--$119. Color: Verde, size: large. The bummer of it is, it looks like this won't be in stock until March. Hmph.

Running Vest--$99. Nathan Vaporkrar 2, 4L, size medium. Yeah, so it would be more like a jogging vest for me (especially going up hill), but I enjoyed my trail runs last summer and would like to push a little out a little further next summer (a guy can dream, can't he?) and need a bit more of a running specific pack to do that. They are available from several online retailers, but the one I linked to looks like the best deal right now.

Backpack. I would like to upgrade my backpacking/hunting pack setup to something a little more flexible, light-weight and user friendly. This setup will let me pack into a spot with a big bag, then break out the little bag to do day hikes with. Or if I'm just going out for a day hike, the small bag will carry what I need, but can also be reconfigured to carry bigger stuff (like hopefully elk) if I find them while out in the woods.
Carbon Fiber Hunting Frame--$175. Size Tall.
Pro Suspension--$145. Size L/XL. Color: Verde.
Pro 1850 Bag--$139. Color: Verde.
Pro 7800 Bag--$249. Color Verde.

Woods Survival Kit--$30. Handy to have for spending time in the woods if things don't go as planned.