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Robb's 2018 List

Hopefully this helps figure out what to get a guy who's reportedly really tough to shop for. I put the prices on there in case it helps to see what will better fit your budget. I provided links if you just want to shop it up online.

Ski Goggles to go with a black helmet. Smith makes good ones. Lenses tinted more for partly sunny days than fully sunny days.

Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler--$75. I have one without the wheels and it's a nice cooler. Would like one with wheels so that I can "audios" our wheeled cooler that struggles to keep ice in January.

Duluth Trading Company Carpenter Pants--$65. Size 34"x32", Color Desert Khaki. Yep, there are less expensive pants out there, but these things are so comfortable, and have pockets for a few tools--perfect for my job.

Alaska Game Bags--$40. I have had good luck with these, but a similar game bag product will work, as well. I don't need anything fancier, as the game bags that I put game quarters in and leave at the processor, I don't get (or want) back. Most sporting goods stores that sell hunting stuff will have these if you don't want to get them online.

Merino Wool Socks--$20. Size XL for a 12.5 or so foot. I received some of these for Christmas a couple of years back and love the feel and comfort. I wear a size 12 street shoe if that helps on the sizing. More Options . . .

Books--purely for entertainment's sake, new from Amazon or a store or used--I truly don't have a preference . . . here's the list:
The Third Option, Vince Flynn--$9 (used).
Separation of Power, Vince Flynn--$9 (used).

Dremel Tools--my dremel lets me do some cool things in the garage, around the house and gets me out of some tight spots.
Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit--$11.99

Woods Survival Kit--$30. Handy to have for spending time in the woods if things don't go as planned.

Limbsaver AirTech Recoil Pad--$33.90. Need a 10808 model for a Remmington 700 with a wood stock.

Ski Socks. Thin please. Size 12. Not particular on the material, but smart wool (or merino wool) is pretty nice. Thanks!

Motorcycle Tail Rack--$138. Tail rack for my dualsport bike.