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Robb's 2021 List

Hopefully this helps figure out what to get a guy who's reportedly really tough to shop for. I put the prices on there in case it helps. I provided links if you just want to shop it up online.

Crested Butte Titans Hoody--$40.00. I have a kid on the team, so I so better represent at the games. Blue, size large.

Google Pixel A Buds--$100. Olive. Imagine my dismay when my new fangled Android cell phone showed up w/o an earphone jack. I'm not a dongle kind of guy, so it's time to go wireless (and The Man wins again).

Born to Run--$10. Sometimes I'm pretty sure that I was more "born to jog," but a friend who usually provides advice that shakes up life in a good way has recomended I read this book for a couple of years now. While the link is to Amazon, a used copy from anywhere is just fine.

Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens DVD/Blueray. Walmart and Amazon seem to have plenty of options for purchasing these.

Merino Wool Socks--$21. Size 13, thin/light cushion. Yes, I have become spoiled and really like wool socks. I wear these every day so like them thinner so that my feet don't overheat at work. Darker colors are probably better and I don't have a preference about the design. Darn Tough are good, but I'm not picky. If you see a merino wool ankle-running sock, I really like those, as well.

Duluth Trading Fleece Lined Jeans--$55 if you can get them at 30% off during their Black Friday sale. I have a pair of these, LOVE them and would like another pair. They are so snuggly comfy that I've been wearing the pair I for (don't tell my wife) two weeks straight now . . . love 'em. Need another pair.

Kuhl Skar Sweater--$109. I have one on my back, I might as well wear one, too, right? Seriously, I'm a big merino fan and this sweater looks nice. Black, size large.

Woods Survival Kit--$30. Handy to have for spending time in the woods if things don't go as planned.