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October 2004
Hi all . . . long time no updates, huh? I certainly apologize for that. I don't have a good excuse other than life just seems to blaze by at an increasingly amazing speed these days. But Stace and I are doing well and hope you are, too! Here are some highlights of life and what we've been up to . . .


The House
Our house is doing wonderfully--it's certainly taken on the feeling of home. While we're embarrassed to admit that we haven't hung a picture on the walls yet, we'll get there one of these days. We just always seem to go want to do stuff rather than hang out and decorate. There are still a couple of projects that need to be squared away as well, but, well, we just don't have enough rainy days around here to get them squared away. In the mean time, Stacey has done a great job getting our landscaping squared away--we have green grass and flowers everywhere! We had our little mess of a hill terraced, as well, so that's looking good. The rough-cut cedar took another coat of stain last fall and last spring . . . seems like I spent a lot of time with brush in my hand. But the place is looking and feeling good as we head through late fall and into another winter.

Here's Stace digging into another landscaping project. With the trees and grass she's planted in the past eighteen months, our place is starting to look well established.

This is the start of our little hill remodel. The finished product is a terraced wall supported by big, square rocks. It turned out to be quite the project.

The Families
Our families continue be good and blessed. Stace and I get to spend weekends with her family as they come up from Denver and Castle Rock, and last April, we travelled to Florida to spend time with my family. We just can't believe how fast all the neices and nephews grow up . . . it's been interesting.


I believe this was last Thanksgiving at Rhonda and Norma's.

This was taken at the St. Anthony Dunes in the summer of '03.

Summer of '03 at the ski area in Crested Butte.

Awe, what a cute bunch of kids.

You knew that wasn't going to last!

This was taken about a year ago when Hazel and Norma came up to visit us in Crested Butte.

Breakfast at Ray's.

Stace and Mom on the beach in Florida.

Hanging out with Mom in Denver.

Going for a walk in Fayette with the Borton women.

Auntie Hazel and me.

Stace and Vern get ready to ride in Moab.

Mountain biking with Sandra, Stace, and our friends Sara and Andy.

The Hillsman clan in Chicago last fall celebrating Jerry's 70th birthday!

The Wilson, Burgin, Borton, Pennie clan in Florida last spring.

The Job(s)
The ski resort where Stacey and I work, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, was purchased by the Mueller (pronounced "Muller") family out of Ludlow, Vermont, last March. They own two other resorts in the Northeast, Okemo in Vermont and Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire. With the new owners, there are plenty of changes going on, so it's been an interesting scene. Stacey's job is transitioning to being purely real estate sales for Crested Butte Mountain Resort's real estate department, which is a good thing. She's had many different aspects of the company's real estate on her plate for a while now and is looking forward to having things more clearly defined and led by her new boss (the third one in a about a year) who seems to be a good guy. My job as telecommunications administrator for the resort hasn't changed a whole lot for the company, other than me being busier than ever with projects throughout the summer. My main task for the past couple of months has been installing communications lines on the mountain. I've been working to bury fiber optic lines that will link remote buildings on our mountain with our centeral computing network. Working outside as much as I have has been super, but it's been a long dusty tour in the trenches (literally), for sure. The ski resort will open in November, just before Thankgiving, so things will continue to be busy for quite a while.

This has been my scene for a couple of months at work now. That's my work truck and that's the trench with a bunch of stuff in it.

This is about how dirty I was coming home most days. The dust billowing up out of the trench would have me coated in no time.

Pennie Photography & Design
My little side-business project is going just fine. While I'm not ready to quiet my day job, I've had steady work building small web sites and selling photos. If you haven't been there, check out my site, penniephoto.com.


The Boat (yes, BOAT)
We have this buddy who we've water skied with for a couple of summers in his 1991 Correct Craft "Ski Nautique." It's a great ski boat and he always took really good care of it. We figured he'd never sell thing because of how much he loved it, but we joked that if he ever was going to sell it, he should let us know first. We didn't really know why we said that, because I don't think ever really seriously thought about having one. Anyway, back in May, our friend called because he was selling the Nautique. We were shocked, not sure if we were ready or able to be boat people. We knew it would take some sacrafices in other areas if we were going to do that. After some serious deliberation and consideration, we decided to go for it and get it. And WOW. have we been having a fun summer with it! On a regualr basis, we've been going to Blue Mesa, some 35 miles away from our place, just about every weekend and even managed some week day evenings with it and water skiing like crazy! We were lucky enough to get to Lake Powell with it, as well. The boat has run great and we've enjoyed sharing it with our friends and family who've been hanging out with us at Dry Creek. We hope you'll come next summer and enjoy it, too! We've already got a week at Lake of the Ozarks lined up with it . . . it's going to be a hoot!

Captain Stacey, throttling up the Nautique at Lake Powell.

The Nautique was rarely sitting on the beach! We were lucky enough to have plenty of friends and family help us use it!

This is a mid-season shot of Stace skiing. By the end of the summer she was screaming across the wakes, putting up twice as much water!

Here's a shot of the evening ski team on a rather pleasant evening in July. Evenings on the water were a great way to forget about the day's stress at work.

That's me hanging out on a rock at Lake Powell.

My Fast Wife
While I backed off from it a little this summer, Stace was a regular at the local mountain bike races. She rode the Sport class and finished in the top three every race! She took second in the overall series and brought home lots of great prizes--so that was pretty impressive! I did a couple of the races, but didn't fare quiet as well riding in the expert class. I made all the other guys look fast by bringing up the rear of the pack. The racing was hugely fun, even though I never quite got in shape for it this summer. Too much water skiing or something . . .

Stacey railing in through the last turn in a Pinnacle mountain bike race.

Stace has a sah-weet Tomac full-suspension bike. It's a great ride and she takes really good care of it.


Other Fun
I picked up backcountry skiing last winter, where I go with another skier or two and hike up the mountains to ski down them. It was great exercise, I was able to get birds eye views of the beautiful valley we live in and we usually skied powder snow, as well. So I'm looking foward to another winter of that. Our friends, the McGoldricks had us out to their snowmobile in/out residence at Arrowhead, as well. The only even close to as much fun as skiin' powder is sledin' it! We had some great rides on the dirt bikes this spring, summer and fall, as well. Oh yeah, and did I mention we made it to the beach for some R&R as well? It was very nice . . . nothing cures me of what ever's ailing me like taking a nap on the beach, next to the ocean.

There we are on the beach . . . makes me tired just looking at it.

This was taken on top of Mt. Emmons, just north of Crested Butte. Those are my ski buddies, Shelly and Chris. While they're going by that humungous cornice, they're actually walking on solid dirt. It was quite an adventure and we enjoyed some great turns on the way down.

Me on the beach again . . . lovin' my toes in the sand.

Stacey checking out the views of the Klondike Bluffs in Arches National Park, north of Moab, Utah.

This is my friend Steve making some turns through fun snow in the CB backcountry.

This is Stace and I in Moab a couple of weeks ago. We would ride our motorcycles out these middle-of-nowhere roads and find spectacular overlooks of the Green River. It was neat stuff.

That's about it for now we hope you're doing well and get a chance to drop us an email or come visit soon. Take care!