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Middle March 2005

March 15, 2005

Hi All--here are some more tummy pictures for you! Mom-to-be continues to make baby building look easy. Stacey's approach to all the aches, pains and expansion with a sense of amazement and a smile has made me feel like a pretty lucky guy. Stace is enjoying being a beautiful, pregnant mom. When she gets home from work in the evenings, she just about always has one hand on her tummy, feeling the baby move around inside her. Lucky's been a plenty active baby, and we're to the point now where rather than feel the movement, we can just watch Stacey's tummy ripple and shift as parts move around. Pretty cool stuff!

I've kept last month's pictures and added a couple taken at the end of February and the beginning of March to offer continued perspective on the progress . . .

I remember when her tummy used to look like this . . .

This was about two and half months, I think . . .

And into the fourth month there's no doubt that she's building a baby!

1/8/05--Into the fifth month . . . lookin' pretty pregnant.

This was how things were looking on February 28th. The finger is hiding Stacey's now "outie" belly button. It kind of makes her nuts.

This was taken in early March . . . into the seventh month I believe. The bellybutton hiding Band-Aid is a regular part of the wardrobe now.

In addition to being pregnant, we've been enjoying a great winter! We've been skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and enjoying our great snow. Family and friends have been visiting and having fun sliding down Crested Butte Mountain Resort with us . . . it's been fun!

Winter fun! We were out sledding with the McGoldricks at Arrowhead--what a gorgeous day for it!


This is part of my town league hockey team . . . I hadn't played hockey in seventeen or eighteen years and I lucked out by getting on to a good team! We won the Crested Butte town league championship and I had fun!

It's been a big winter with bunches of snow and even though it appeared as though we might have turned the corner into spring, we've been having below-zero mornings again at the house. Brrrrr. We haven't had any snow since President's Day weekend, but we certainly received our share before then.

Check out the size of the piles along the driveway. After the wet President's day snow, I gave up the manual snow removal and we called the plow. Probably the best $15 I spent all winter!

You can see by looking out dining room window that we had a bunch of snow in our yard! Some of this is roof slide, but it was waste deep most of the way around our place.

I've continued to enjoy getting out in the backcountry. Here's a shot of me on the climb up Coney's up Washington Gulch. You can kind of begin to understand that it's a pretty steep hike, in spots, getting up there.

Here's a shot of the crew on top of Mt. Emmons, getting ready to drop into Redwell Basin.

Here are the Redwell Basin turns . . . it was really nice skiing!

In addition to getting out in the backcountry on skis, I was lucky enough to go sleddin' for an afternoon up on Monarch Pass. A friend of ours' Dad owns a snowmobile rental outfit up there and took me out for some powder sleddin'. Talk about fun stuff in an amazing setting--this was it!

While real high pointers would be up to the top of the ridgeline, you can start to get an idea of how big the country was we were riding in. The little black dot in the middle of the photo is the same sled that's pictured below.

The full-sized shot of this sled launching is impressive!

Hard to believe we were having any fun, huh?

So much untracked powder, so little time . . .

Stacey's been great about staying active. I got this shot while we were out walking on Brush Creek Road the weekend before last.

Mom and Lucky enjoying the sun after our walk.

I hope you enjoy the pictures . . . I'd write more if I could stay awake! As always, we hope you're doing well! Drop us an email when you get a chance!