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May 30, 2005

Hi All,

Mara's ten days old today and hasn't let up on the dazzle factor. She's an amazing little girl, eating and sleeping well. We feel really lucky that she's been sleeping through the nights--Stacey wakes her up for feedings and they both go back to sleep.

Stacey's doing well--I'm thrilled at how well she's doing just a week after giving birth. Staying active during her pregnancy certainly helped both during delivery and now--she feels and looks great for a new mother!

You hear it from all new parents, but I'll say it, too. It's amazing how much they grow and change in the first week . . . she looks so different than when we brought her home from the hospital. Speaking of hospital, Mara's five-day checkup went fine--she had put on ten ounces since leaving the hospital and was looking good.

I could go on for pages about how adorably precious our child is, but I'll save that for another time. For now, just spin through the pictures (I tried to keep them in the order they were taken) and enjoy!

Stace and I took Mara for her first walk around the block. It was strange, to say the least, suddenly being "those people" we used to watch strollering their kids around the streets of CB South.

Proud mom, enjoying a gorgeous May morning with the baby.

And look! She's so unpregnant now that she can nurse!

Mara, after the stroll, completely conked out.

This shot, along with the page header, was taken the afternoon we brought Mara home from the hospital. She's still awake here, but Mara captivates me even when she's asleep . . . I crawl up next to her on the floor and just watch her sleep--she's excellent stuff.

What's not to love?

We took Mara to her first party (a "wild hat" party) at our neighbors when she was three days old. I got to carry her around in the front carrier and she stole the show.

The family, ready to party.

The little tuckered out partier.

People love to come visit Mara! She amazes and sucks them all in with her adorableness. This is Mary Barrett checking out the new arrival.

This is my boss, Scott Harman--he's been great about letting me have time off for Mara's arrival. Looks like he's hooked, too.

Shelly gave Mara the award for cutest person of the day award. Even though we run the content daily, and don't put any make-up on her or do her hair, Mara usually wins, uncontested.

Mara makes even not-so-baby people melt.

One of the many different looks of Mara.

Sleeping in with your little one on your chest . . . I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be.

Mary's been the first of the grandmothers to arrive. I think if we put a dollar-per-baby-kiss tax on the grandmas, that would pretty much cover ALL of the diaper costs!

Mary, thanking Stacey for such an adorable grand daughter.

Norma arrived late this afternoon . . . talk about a thrilled grandma! "What a beautiful baby, she exclaims over adn over! So here's three generations of Moore women . . . not a bad looking bunch . . .

Mara, working on her tan. We managed to keep the jaundice away--that was good.

First bath time . . .

We figure she holds up the "cute" store every night . . . "give me all of your cute and nobody gets hurt!" She gets more and more cute and precious every day.

Drying out after the bath.

A little time in the sun before getting dressed.

Dad's usually in charge of dressing and undressing Mara. We've almost got it to the point where all of the fingers and toes make through without getting bent over backwards!

She'll probably grow out of those overalls in no time . . .

Being that we're kind of lake people, we took Mara to Blue Mesa yesterday. It wasn't exactly one of the better days at the lake, but she survived the sand storms and rain showers like a champ. The rest of the summer'll just be gravy.

Mara seems to be a big fan of Flash, the stuffed kitty. The contrasting colors seem to catch her eye.

Any question about who's totally gaga over his new daughter?