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October 9th, 2006

Hey . . . whadya you know? Two months in a row with a page update! The past month-or-so has flown by . . . we've gone from summer to winter in such a short time in the mountains. It's rainy, foggy and even snowy out there at times today. Mara continues to dazzle us with her growth and development. Seems like there are new words and better comprehension every day . . . it's pretty interesting. She's a fun little girl with a great disposition.

This month's shots aren't in any particular order, but enjoy!

Mara enjoying the cupboards of our entertainment center. I suppose I better remember that one of these days she'll hide in there and not come out when I call to her.

Here's Mara helping daddy opening a birthday present. Some how I became 35 in the past few days.
At least I don't feel 35, not most days, anyway.

Stace has been giving Mara extensive dancing lessons. Mara really likes to get up on the coffee
table and dance . . . hands in the air, spinning--Mara does it all.

Like my bow?

Mara's thing lately has been reading our "WaterSki" magazines. She'll indicated she wants to read
a book, then start telling us "wa-wa, wa-wa" until she finds the mag. She's good at pointing out
the boats and the water in the magazines. I guess she's hooked!

Stace took Mara to the Rock House Ranch pumpkin farm/patch thing. Mara picked out a really nice
pumpkin. I wonder what she'll do when I cut into the thing with a big, sharp, knife and start pulling
its guts out?

We've always told Mara that babies come from the pumpkin patch, so she felt right at home.

Petting the rabbit at the pumpkin patch. I think it's having a bad hair day. Mara likes animals, no
doubt about it. She usually refers to the critters by the sounds they make. That makes it a little
hard to talk about the rabbits.

This is Mara with her buddy, Oliver. Believe it or not, she can say his name pretty well. I trade
babysitting with Oliver's mom, so Mara and Oli are together two days a week. They play together
well and have become good little friends.

Here's a shot from the weekend before last . . . Mara's wondering what all the white stuff on her
slide is all about.

Looks like she's doing the "duh" thing . . .

Play time with Mommy! I believe this was a dancing action shot.

Mom's fun!

This is Mara up at Lost Lake on October 1st. She gets a kick out of throwing rocks in the water.
I even managed to keep her from getting all sandy and wet--mostly.

Mara's big into drinking from water bottles and hydration packs. That makes it easier for me when
were out adventuring around.Those are our friends, the Elliots (Michelle's being blocked by Craig).
Michelle is six months pregnant, so Craig was getting in all the practice he could at being a dad.


Here's a pretty shot of the leaves and new snow from late September.

This shot is looking out at Axtel Mountain from above our home in CB South. The white snow
and changing leaves make for some interesting color.

Yes, it has already been this wintry here. This is a shot of Crested Butte Mountain (the ski area's
on the other side of this big hunk of rock) that I took during or just after a mid-September storm.

More leaves and colors, this time on Mt. Whetstone, a few miles north of our house.

This is a shot of my riding buddy, Bruce, heading down the Stony Pass Road in the San Juan
Mountains. I've been more into dual-sport riding than dirt biking this summer . . . my dual-sport
bike can do pavement, 4x4 roads and just about anything in between. It lets me get out and explore
further and see some really neat stuff. This shot doesn't do these mountains justice--amazingly
beautiful (and rugged) country.

I saw this fox along Crested Butte Mountain Resort's Peak Trail during and early August hiking trip.
Pretty neat looking little critter, huh?

That's about if for the October post. We hope you're doing well--drop us a line, as we'd love to hear from you!