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Late Fall & Early Winter , 2007

Hi Everyone . . . yeah, it's been a while--I know. But I have more than a few photos for you to look at, so hopefully you'll forgive me. I'll just stick captions with the photos an try not to read like a blathering, cliche parent. It's going to be tough, though, because we have the most beautiful, wonderful, smart little girl in the world . . . *grin.*


Halloween '06--I was lucky enough to have two hula girls in the house!

Hula girls with attitude.

Yes, our living room gets looking this way and sometimes we don't even notice!
Mara's the lead "decorator," of course.

The kids shopping at the grocery store in the always-popular "car" cart.


Mara became interesting in pushing her stroller rather than riding in it last fall.

Not sure, but probably dancing.

Yes, Mara still loves the water! Can't wait to get her on the boat this summer.

Ahhh, the little angel.

This is Mara and her buddy, Oliver. "O," as he's known around our place, still comes over to play once a week--his mom and I still have our baby trade going.

Mara and O get along find and play really well together.

Scarf girl.

I put Mara in the back pack when I went out hiking on the lower mountain to get some photos of the snowmaking operations underweigh. There's apparently no such thing as interrupting nap time.


Playing "gotcha" games with Mom in the pack and play.

I'm still caught off guard by how my daughter wants to do everything I do. If I take out the broom and start sweeping the floor, I'm not alone for long. Mara J. is usually right there, insisting that she help.


This was around Thanksgiving time and Mara had her chilly day outfit on.

Walking's not good enough. Mara sometimes insists on pushing you along as you're walking. Good humor.

Little dogs for little people.

Happiness is an afternoon stroll around the block.

Many of our walks lead us by or to the CB South park. Lucky for us, it's pretty close.
Mara's all about climbing up the stairs to the top of the big slide and going down on her own.


On the bouncy thing at the park.

She just gets harder and harder to keep up with.

Mara looking at her tattoos with Mom. Mara certainly has a thing for tattoos. "Tattoo" was one of her early words, as well. What really fun is when we're out in public and Mom spots some big, burly, biker-looking guy with a bunch of tattoos. Mom calls him over and asks him to show his tattoos. to Mara. The big, mean looking men then roll up their sleeves and show their tat's to Mara, who seems especially impressed when she can pick out something she's familiar with in the artwork, like a bird. But the best part is when Mara rolls up her sleeves and shows off her tattoo back to the big guy. Ha.

Mmmm . . . breakfast.

Reading a book with Grandpa Ray.

Mara is a phone fiend! If it's lying around, she'll pick it up, start dialing (sometimes the call actually goes through with interesting results) and then pretends to talk. My main thing is preventing her from calling 911 and/or China.


Looking for some hair to brush.

Mmmm . . . noodles off a big spoon!

Sandra and the Joshster on their visit that they told they're going to have a baby together.

Hanging out with the toys.

Having a slide inside this winter was a life-saver! Mara definitely put it to good use.

Bath time is a favorite around here. We need a crowbar to get her out of the tub.

Mara wearing nothing but her shades after a bath.


A snowy day in Crested Butte with Mom.

Winding up for a jump.

It's not hard catching Mara reading.


The bowheads.

The little bowhead on her slide. The slide lived inside all winter and was a favorite part of the day.

Eating snow . . . mmmm.

So this is it for the late fall and early winter post. Check out the holiday post when you have some time! We hope you're doing well--drop us a line, as we'd love to hear from you!