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The Holidays , '06-'07

Hi Everyone . . . here are the holiday photos. Enjoy!


Sledding with Mom in the driveway--fun for all!

So Mara crashes here, but she just kind of rolls out of it and comes up signing "more." Adrenaline junkie.

Cute adrenaline junkie.

Bowhead on the slide.

A dark shot of the siblings celebrating Christmas.

Mary working on Brean's blanket.

Yeee-ikes. The uncles trying to get Mara dressed--they look challenged! Ha.
Actually, they do great with her and even got her shirt on forward.

Uncle Brean doing the brrrzzrrttts with Mara.

And what would Christmas be without a little elf?

Oooooooh--the pinwheel that suctions to your forehead!

Cool, huh?

These were a neat gift from Jerry and Lou. They're both Foresberg jerseys, the Flyers one is even autographed! Lou's son is the head of Canadian operations for Reebok/CCM/Koho and Jerry heard that I was a fan. How cool were these?

The Christmas group shot.

Silliness with sunglasses.

Yep, the suction-cup pinwheel is still cool!

High-five on the slide.

Mara showing off her new Christmas threads from Great Grandpa Jerry and Lou.

Nana and Grandpa Vern showed up on Christmas Ever this year!

The look on Stacey's face says it all. Santa brought her a new massage chair--think she likes it?


The Christmas morning walk/sled ride around the neighborhood. It was below zero, if I remember right, but Mara still insisted.

The sled replaced the stroller for much of the winter around our place.

Check out that sledding form!

Big boxes are cool!

Ahhh, Baby's arrival! This was by far Mara's favorite gift this Christmas. "Baby," as she's known, is a huge part of Mara's life. Mara sleeps, eats and tries to do just about everything else with Baby. Nana and Aunt Shannon really hit the bulls eye with this one.

The hugs and kisses when on for quite a while.

And of course Baby has to have a stroller.

Feeding Baby.

Mmmmm . . . a heated ice cream scoop for Mom . . . that thing doesn't get much rest around our place.

Merry Christmas!

Daddy's hockey shoulder pads that he got for Christmas! Hockey was fun, again, this year. Our team didn't play that great, but we still one a few.

Stacey, Mara and Grandpa Vern on Christmas Day.

Vern and Dawn going for it in a Christmas Cracker tug of war.

Grandpa Vern working on the bird.

Dad was super about helping out around the house. Here's he's replacing the screen in the screen door that Mara pushed out this summer.

Cute girl.


Mara and Nana doing art!


That's about if for the Holiday post. Check out the late winter post when you have some time--it's a big one! We hope you're doing well--drop us a line, as we'd love to hear from you!