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Late Winter, 2007

Yessss--it's on to the later winter posts. There's a bazillion photos here, so get comfortable!

Yes, she is, no doubt about it.

Snow suited up and ready to go!

Pinwheeling in the bath.

This Bronco fan is her mommy's daughter, for sure.

Ah yes, and then in late December and early January, we got sick. What ended up being pneumonia (we learned that at the hospital emergency room after we took Mara down for respiratory distress) had Mara on an atomizer which she was remarkably good about sitting still for and enduring the mask, as long as the television was on. Once diagnosed properly and medicated accordingly, Mara bounced right back and was better than ever. The whole taking the kid to the emergency room thing was something I hope to avoid in the future, though.

Oliver, Mara and I sledding.

Mara loves kitties! Everyone's telling me we need to get one. I think we just need to keep visiting friends who have "ditty-tats" so that they remain such a novelty for her!

Bus riding is a favorite activity for Mara and her little friends. Riding the free shuttle bus system that goes between Crested Butte and the ski area is a hoot! We ride it up to see Mom at work sometimes, but sometimes we just do a lap--Mara loves it.

Mara hot-tubbing with Mom.

Yep, cute.

I had never even heard of Tickle Me Elmo Extreme. Aunt Lyndsay got it for Christmas for Mara and boy, was it a hit!

Al, Lyn, Stace and I in mid December.

Taking Mara for a walk . . . Lyn's still working on the basics, apparently.

Mara at the rink with her little "cheese cutter" skates on.

These little skating adventures would usually last between five and ten minutes. Mara got the point where she kind of get around on them . . . she would make the most progress while watching kids who were a little bigger than her skate around on the ice. I believe there will be some ice time in her future . . . anywhere she sees a photo of some hockey being played, she starts pointing at it and saying, "auckey--auckey!"

The park was open all winter, as far as Mara was concerned. In her book, it was never too cold or windy for some swinging and/or sliding.

Getting ready for an underdog from Uncle Al.


Toward the end of the winter, Mara would insist that we let pull the sled, so we'd strap up and she'd toddle along with the sled behind her.

The sib's.

Lyndsay and Stacey.

Stacey and Al.

Ready to ski! The funny part is that she picked it up and put it on by herself.

Snack with hats!

Done with Munchkin Music and heading for the bus stop with the little friends.

Mara loves puddles!

Helping mom make some scrambled eggs.

More bus riding.

There's a lot to see along Elk Avenue!

Mara's a big fan of herself. Anytime we shoot any video, she insists on watching it.

That's us at the Mardi Gras parade in Crested Butte.


Mara and Mom wearing Mom's new scarf that Nana made for her.

Here's both ladies talking to Nana on the phone about their scarfs that Nana made for them.

The guy on the left is Jody Wirth. Jody and went to school together and were friends from pre-school through twelfth grade and now lives in Denver with his wife and their twin babies. This is his daughter Anika posing with us.

Mara and cousin Sandra.

Sandra and Josh, the father of the baby she's pregnant with.

Al, Mara and Ray. I guess the t-shirt's Ray's way of reminiscing.


You know you're at Ray's house when . . .

Mara giving Ray's dog, Edda, a treat. Mara things Edda is pretty neat and talks about her a lot even when we're not a Grandpa Ray's.

Sandra, Grandma, Mara and Stacey.

Can't keep a straight face for long!


Looking fine for phonin' in Grandma's lap with those shamrock shades..

Trying on Grandma's boots.

Nice hat!

Can you say, Doyle?


Two generations of Moores.


Waiting (with much anticipation) for the bus.

We haven't pushed Mara very hard on trying skiing. Yes, believe it or not, there area lot of Buttian parents try to get their kids on skis before they're two! We just figured we'd wait until she showed some interest. In February the interest began to show, as Mara was more and more interesting in watching skiers at the ski are and then trying to put on skis that were laying around in the snow. On this particular visit to the Crested Butte Mountain Resort base area, Mara took off for the Red Lady Express lift, running down the maze (pictured) went right on by the ticket checkers and was headed for the loading point at the lift before I caught up to her. She wanted to get on ride the lift, just like the other skiers were doing! We probably won't get her on skis this year (we're quickly running out of time and ambition) it's great to see that she'll probably be psyched for it next season.

Mara's been in to holding hands, especially with O. He's only marginally interested.

A fresh snow feeding!

Mara though Mom's headphones were the bomb, especially while swinging!

Puddle stompin' in the base area.


Mara's latest big stunt has been jumping off of things and onto the floor. This was the first time I saw her doing it, but she's good enough at it now that she can stick the landings, as well!


Grandma and Uncle Al came up for a visit in March.

Another interesting favorite sport of Mara's is me bouncing her on the big ball in the living room.

She loves to go for rides on Mom's back.

And loves the "airplane" rides on Mom's feet!

It's been a tough off-season for the Broncos, but they better get their act together next season if they want to keep this little fan coming back for more.

Hard-hat chaos at Mom's office.

If you saw me around town or on the mountain this winter, it wasn't uncommon for me to have my hands full. While the kids were big enough to walk, if we wanted to get anywhere, this was the most efficient method of transportation.

Two kids wafer a morning of Tumble Bugs and bus riding. It wears them out and that's just what we like to see! Yes, that's blood that leaked out of Mara's mouth. She fell on the ice and bit her lip . . . you can image the fun that was.


Cosmo Mara.

The hair's long enough for a binder.


She screams like a little banshee when we try and wash her hair, but left alone to play at the sink, it's apparently fun getting her hair wet.


Baby doesn't get out very often, but here's proof that she can slide.

Swinging with Grandma.

That's me on a March motorcycle ride! We had some warm days in March, so I took advantage, bundled up and got out on the pavement. There was still a lot of sand in the corners, but it was great to be out!

Wheeewwwww! I think I'm caught up on posting the past several month's photos! Apologies for letting it pile up as it has, but maybe this time I'll actually keep up with things and have some new shots for you next winter. As always, we hope you're doing well--drop us a line, as we'd love to hear from you!